B2B E-Commerce for Manufacturers

In today’s sophisticated digital world, manufacturers have a clear path to outperform the competition by implementing platforms that enable customization and optimization of their business processes. By working with our experienced teams, manufacturers can embrace a more customer-centric model that will help keep costs low, increase performance, and strengthen throughput.

Drive customer engagement and satisfaction

Altivate offers our clients a unified solution that helps manage customer interactions for better sales and support while also letting them streamline and automate processes. Our solutions and services also help our clients implement uniform demand forecasting and real-time inventory management while leveraging the power of customer data and functions to enact predictive models and get a better view of your planning and strategic needs.

Altivate provides:

  • Linked customer records, so connecting systems see a holistic view of one customer, even when the customer’s data is different from one system to the other
  • Simplified 360 engagement by providing one true identify across customer records
  • Results from matching, merging, and exceptions

Transform B2B for manufacturing operations

  • A central repository for all item master data with the ability to maintain and export the data to all online and offline channels
  • Clarity on the type of medicine and drug information, so the customer is made aware of medication and critical information
  • Track and trace regulatory requirements for the provision and supply of drugs 
and goods
  • Log and audit reporting relating to regulatory requirements and supporting vendors and suppliers with their information requirements
  • A real-time system of reference for drug information and tracking of regulatory products

Rely on Altivate, manufacturing and managed services expertise

By leveraging our extensive history with SAP implementations, vast manufacturing industry know-how and well-recognized regulatory-reporting expertise, we’re able to deliver a unique solution via the cloud with SAP’s Track and Trace capabilities. Altivate offers proven expertise with SAP Hybris integration to SAP ERP, ensuring peak efficiency across your operation and reach.



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