How Do You Calculate the ROI of a New Business Application?

When investing in business applications the gains and costs cannot always easily be boiled down to numbers, making ROI difficult to implement as a measure. Your new business application can bring enormous benefits, some of which will be easy to calculate but some of benefits can’t easily be assigned a numerical value.

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Data is Now an Organization’s Differentiator – and a Goldmine

It’s hard to argue against the proposition that operating as a data-driven organisation is no longer a choice but indeed a necessity. Businesses that ignore data will struggle to survive against their competitors which almost inevitably do take data seriously.

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Digital Transformation: Benefits and Steps to Success

What is digital transformation and what are the benefits? Keep reading to understand how harnessing the latest wave of digitization can have real benefits for your enterprise.

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The Benefits of Supply Chain Automation

Automation has allowed supply chain operations within companies to perform tasks with minimal human intervention or interaction. Automation methods vary significantly in size, functionality, dexterity, intelligence and cost, from robotic process automation to flying vehicles with artificial intelligence.

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How Will Blockchain Transform Supply Chain Management

Bitcoin, the earliest implementation of blockchain technology, has triggered the widespread experimentation of blockchain in a variety of industries and departments. For those who don’t know, in simple terms, blockchain is a technology that can allow authenticated data communication between each player in a supply chain without a trusted central organization intermediating.

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What is ERP and How Can It Help Your Enterprise?

Business and enterprise systems are not always tied together in the most efficient way, creating walls inside an enterprise – limiting knowledge sharing and causing all manner of problems. Whether it’s for the factory floor, logistics operations or medical staff, software will be key to getting things done. Yet operating these systems as discreet entities restricts an organization. Keep reading to discover why ERP is the solution.

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