The Utilities industry is changing. The transition to planet-friendly sources is accelerating. Customers are actively choosing low-carbon lifestyles and sources. Customers also expect a better experience and more empowerment from their suppliers. The entry of new-age retailers and companies is also disrupting retail energy markets. The industry is adapting through product innovation and investments in new energy technology such microgrids, at-scale energy storage, DER orchestration and more. Oil volatility and pandemic impacts of 2020 are sure to accentuate the industry’s transition.

Water utilities are similarly adapting to the pressures of managing security of supply in water-stressed markets while running operations efficiently to increase customer satisfaction and address regulatory standards.

Simultaneously, digital and data capabilities are enabling energy and water companies to reinvent themselves and deliver superior business experience and performance along with customer satisfaction. Altivate’s deep industry knowledge built over more than a decade helps our clients on this journey to address their changing landscape, customer needs, and fluid ecosystem.

Our expertise covers: Water, Energy, and Gas

Our Solutions Include:

1. Enterprise Asset Management

    • Portfolio and Project Management
    • Asset Operations and Maintenance
    • Asset Performance Management
    • Asset Collaboration
    • Environment, Health, and Safety

2. Meter, Energy, and Water Data Management

    • Device Operations and Maintenance
    • Meter Reading and Energy Data Management
    • Utilities Planning and Analytics

3. Customer Experience and Service Excellence

    • Marketing as Growth Driver
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • Empowering Sales to Sell More
    • Omnichannel Commerce

4. Bill to Cash

    • Billing of Energy, Water, and Services
    • Revenue Management for Energy, Water, and Services
    • Subscription Management


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