Organizations invest in SAP to optimize operations, streamline processes, integrate departments, and converge business objectives across the organization. Global customers rely on Altivate to enable them to maximize the value of their SAP investment.

Altivate partners with SAP to help organizations transform their businesses to become frictionless, agile, and transparent. We focus on helping companies drive profitability, improve customer service, and provide ubiquitous service. Altivate offers a complete range of SAP services to help its customers. We deliver expertise and experience to our clients in order to help them enhance their SAP platforms in a leaner and smaller environment. Our expert SAP consultants utilize industry best-practices and SAP knowledge to maximize business value.

We focus on unlocking system potential, eliminating inefficiencies, and turning data into insight. Our expertise strives to drive operational transparency and governance.

Deployment and Support

Altivate develops vertical and micro-vertical solution delivery templates based on SAP best practice and rapid deployment solutions. These help accelerate time to value, ensure predictability, and stabilize deployments.

Altivate’s consultants hold the required expertise and certifications to provide you with state of the art product implementation, support, and maintenance. Our team is experienced in the on-premise and cloud versions of SAP ECC, Business Suite on HANA, SAP All-in-One, and S/4HANA.

With You Throughout Your Journey

Altivate is an IT partner who knows SAP solutions exceptionally well and understands your industry. As a result, we align the right SAP solution to address your specific goals. We make sure that each stage of the journey is transparent, from strategy to go-live and support. We can train your team to become self-sufficient. When you’re up and running, we can help maintain your SAP landscape to further optimize value and maximize results. We will support you as your needs evolve. When you grow or restructure, we will make sure that your SAP environment will support you.

Operate Successfully, Locally and Globally

International projects require international presence and experience. As a partner with global consulting expertise in SAP solutions, we can help you access a range of services and solutions whenever and wherever you need them. Our experience and knowledge help you stay focused on your business goals while keeping your project on track. We staff our team according to your needs, utilizing a mix of on-site and global resources to maximize knowledge and efficiency. As a trusted partner, you can rely on us to help you roll-out your project across borders, catering to different laws, languages, and local requirements.

Drive Implementation Confidence

Every project starts with a plan that is derived from your goals and objectives. This ensures that the implementation is on-time and budget. Our methodologies focus on reducing risk and uncertainty, while maximizing the value of your SAP investment. We constantly verify progress through quality checks and audits. We utilize SAP and industry best practices to help your organization transform faster and more effectively. Our team of industry and SAP experts work together with you to best address your goals. Then we transfer this knowledge to your team in order to maximize project success.

Process Improvement

To drive process improvement, you need a combination of industry and solution expertise. We start a project with examining objectives, then design the processes, and finally we automate these processes using the right IT solutions. Our SAP knowledge and industry expertise enable us to deliver on our promise of process excellence. Utilizing this approach, you can gain control over your organization, reduce errors, and unlock value. We make it easier for you to measure your improvements across customer service, quality, and productivity.


SAP Solutions

SAP Services

  • Management Consulting & Advisory
  • Implementation & Roll-out
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application Management Services 
  • Upgrade & Migration Services
  • Resourcing
  • Licenses

Altivate’s SAP-Certified Partner Center of Expertise

SAP has certified Altivate as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) in the Middle East.

Companies that have a PCOE Certification are provided the right to serve as an accredited provider of SAP support services. SAP has a rigorous process in place to ensure that its certified partners meet the highest standards, including checks on certified people, infrastructure, support processes and governance. According to SAP, “only a small percentage of SAP partners pass the PCOE certification process due to the complex requirements,” meaning that those who do come through are elite SAP partners that “can be trusted to provide consistent, uniform, and high-level SAP expertise and quality to their clients.”

SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise


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