Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics are pillars of an economy. The movement of people and goods are the lifeline of a well-established and connected economy. Airline and travel companies are moving beyond their niche into selling a full spectrum of complementing services. Service commoditization, global trade, security concerns, and regulatory requirements are pushing global logistic providers to become more agile and efficient. The pervasiveness of air travel technologies is critical in driving top-line growth and recurring revenue for all providers.

Altivate’s domain knowledge across core business processes along with our understanding of the industry and technology enables us to architect and execute solutions that will help drive top-line and bottom-line growth. We help companies streamline operations while focusing on enabling them to introduce new products and services faster and efficient. We also work with clients to develop differentiating services in order to enable them better compete and drive growth.


Our expertise includes:

  1. Price analytics
  2. Rate management
  3. Route optimization
  4. Warehouse management
  5. Global freight forwarding
  6. Order management and fulltimement
  7. Asset tracking

We help our client in the following areas:

  1. Business advisory
  2. Process improvement
  3. ERP implementation
  4. Business intelligence and analytics
  5. Product development
  6. Application support services

Segments served:

  1. Airlines
  2. Public and private transportation
  3. Air and Seaports
  4. Logistics service providers
  5. Shipping and marine logistics
  6. Trucking and road couriers
  7. Couriers, express parcel, and postal services


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