The Retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Retailers are facing a slew of challenges such as changing customer behavior, uncertain product life cycles, increasing demand, and complex global supply chains. Retailers must move from single and multi-channel operations, to omni-channel presence. Altivate helps retailers streamline back and front-office operations. We help clients move to omni-channel retail, focusing on increasing customer engagement and top-line growth. We help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce excess, and most importantly transform data into buying behavior insights.

Today’s consumers are much better informed and connected. Mobile shopping, personalized services, and instant gratification are becoming critical success factors for retails. These changes are giving rise to a host innovations across mobile apps, in-store experiences, omni-channel retail, customer data-mining, self-service technologies, and responsive supply chains. More than ever, retailers are no longer operating in a silo, they must work with their suppliers to better address customer demand, in turn increasing sales and cutting costs. Retailers that do not adopt a mindset for change and improvement will wither, giving up market share to new companies and competitors that are more progressive.


Altivate’s retail practice spans the complete retail journey, across:

  1. In-store customer experience
  2. Merchandising
  3. Digital transformation
  4. Channel convergence
  5. E-commerce


We help our client in:

  • Customer Centric Marketing and Merchandising
    • Predict, understand, and adapt to changing customer behavior through analytics
    • Plan and deliver assortment based on current and future trends
    • Win new customers through retail promotions and marketing campaigns
    • Drive top-line growth through strategic pricing
    • Manage customer satisfaction through customer management solutions
  • Omni-Channel Commerce
    • Maximize and manage visibility across all channel to understand custom needs
    • Enable ubiquitous commerce: mobile, tablet, in-store, etc.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of customer buying behavior
    • Build brand loyalty through personalized services and experiences
    • Deliver products and services that are aligned with customer needs
  • Demand-Driven Supply Chains
    • Refine forecast accuracy and optimize inventory
    • Improve levels of service, refind brand strategy, and comply with vendor restrictions
    • Better manage and collaborate with partners across the value chain
    • Reduce operational expenditure and logistics spend
  • Boost the Bottom-Line and Return on Capital
    • Use real-time insights to effectively manage risk and compliance
    • Better manage unsold inventory
    • Reduce inventory carry
    • Reduce cost of financing as a percent of revenue


Areas we cover:

  1. Business process improvement
  2. Analytics and business intelligence
  3. Merchandising and assortment planning
  4. Supply chain planning and execution
  5. Responsive supply chain
  6. Social and mobile sales
  7. Inventory management
  8. Point of sale / point of service



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