Supply Chain Management (SCM)

An organization’s supply chain is crucial to its growth and success. Today’s market shift to a global economy has made an enterprise’s supply chain one of the most important success factors. Today, supply chains are faced with various dynamics – on one hand they are required to be flexible, transparent, and focused on customer satisfaction, on another they need to manage costs, keep inventories lean, and collaborate seamlessly with clients, suppliers, and partners. An integrated, frictionless supply chain is imperative for an enterprise to help manage these factors.

Altivate’s experienced supply chain consultants can help you meet your business objectives. Our expert team can help you utilize established methodologies to assess, design, implement, and automate your supply chain across people, process, and technology.

Our team works across the supply chain to cover plan, source, make, deliver, and service. We utilize our industry-specific expertise and proven best practices to help accelerate results. We strive to help our customers create a supply chain that helps them produce the right product or deliver the right service at the right time and cost.

Altivate offers a variety of services to address all aspects of supply chain transformation and management. We focus on strategy, operating model, process, and technology:

  • Vision and Strategy: designing and translating the corporate vision into supply chain strategies to optimize performance in both conventional supply chains and service operations.
  • Operating Model: architecting a blueprint that cascades from supply chain vision and strategy to supply chain processes and execution.
  • Transformation and Optimization: Value identification and optimization in supply chain processes and service operations.
  • Digital Supply Chain: Helping clients transformation conventional operations into digital supply networks.

Altivate’s extended supply chain services covers:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Collaboration
  • Measurement

Altivate leverages industry best practices and solutions to help customers accelerate time to value. Our team of experts help customers find innovative ways to translate challenges into opportunities.

Our services cover:

  1. The extended supply chain:
    1. Integrated Supply Chain
    2. Human Supply Chain
    3. Customer Supply Chain
  2. Demand Insights
    1. Financial Supply Chain
    2. Spend Analytics
    3. S&OP Analytics
    4. Retail Analytics
    5. Manufacturing Analytics
  3. Business Intelligence & Analytics
    1. Predictive
    2. Prescriptive
    3. Cognitive


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