Analytics & Business Intelligence

It is imperative that businesses and organizations have insights into markets, customers, and internal operations in order to stay competitive and deliver growth. For better decision making, organizations must utilize internal and external data. Data driven insight is fast becoming a determinant of an organization’s success or failure.

Altivate’s analytics expertise helps organizations effectively combine industry and business knowledge with cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods. We enable businesses with analytics services around the following areas:

  1. Prescriptive – Focuses on what actions should be taken. Usually results in rules and recommendations for next steps.
  2. Predictive – Focuses on likely scenarios of what might happen. Usually deliver a predictive forecast.
  3. Diagnostic – Focuses on analyzing past performance to determine what happened and why. The result is often an analytical dashboard.
  4. Descriptive – Focuses on what’s happening now based on incoming data. To mine the analytics, we typically use a real-time dashboard or alert.

We help customers:

    1. Drive growth through deep consumer insights and product and service innovation
    2. Enhance cost management through optimized operations and better financial analysis
    3. Improve risk management through enhanced regulatory compliance and internal risk and control

Information, insight, and foresight impact every part of an organization. Analytics help companies predict customer behavior, address needs, and develop long-term relationships.

We leverage our industry expertise and experience coupled with KPIs in order to address complex requirements to enable our clients to differentiate themselves. Our solutions are a combination of industry knowledge, process expertise, and technology combined to deliver insight and strengthen decision making and performance.

Our services include:

  1. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  2. Business activity monitoring
  3. Integrated business analytics
  4. Predictive analytics
  5. Financial consolidation, reporting, and analytics
  6. Supply chain analytics
  7. Customer analytics
  8. Sales and marketing analytics
  9. Risk management

Technologies we cover:

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