Oil & Gas

Digital transformation is reshaping the oil and gas industry. Price volatility is the new normal. In the new economy, oil and gas companies have to go beyond process improvement in reinventing the way they do business. Altivate’s tailor made solutions and services for oil and gas can help you reduce operating costs, boost productivity, and address your volatile ecosystem.

Altivate’s solutions helps you operate on a digital network that connects workers, suppliers, and customers. We help you simplify processes, improve efficiencies, and strength safety, cost control, and agility.

Our services cover upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum.

Our Solutions Include:

  1. Project Orchestration
    • Engineering
    • Portfolio and Project Management
    • Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outages
    • Project Logistics
  2. Hydrocarbon Production
    • Hydrocarbon Production Management
    • Hydrocarbon Revenue Management
    • Field Logistics
  3. Hydrocarbon Logistics
    • Hydrocarbon Supply and Distribution
    • Hydrocarbon Processing Visibility
    • Commercial Sales and Marketing
    • Secondary Distribution and Fuels Retailing
    • Convenience Retailing
  4. Operational Integrity
    • Total Workforce Management
    • Asset Management
    • Environment, Health, and Safety
    • Spare Parts and Materials Management


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