Consumer Products Goods

Changing consumer habits, new cultural influences affecting the global market, and evolving technologies are redefining the business models and products of the Consumer Products (CP) industry. CP companies are busy reaching out to Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Generation-Xers, while grappling with a world of fast-changing consumer behavior, competition, loyalty, sales channels, and social media.

Consumer Products companies need to use data and analytics to better differentiate themselves in order to reach the right consumer with the right product mix. Changing consumer demand and buying behavior, increased regulation and distribution costs, and brand globalization have increased operational complexity. In order to overcome competitive pressure, organization must become highly innovative both in planning and responding to these market forces.

At Altivate, we provide solutions and services that enable our CP clients to address evolving industry challenges. We help our customers implement business and technology solutions that enable them to leverage their IT investments in order to meet business and client needs. Moreover, we focus on perfecting execution and efficiency through solutions and services specific to the CP industry. We focus on helping enterprises improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, capitalize on client and industry buying behavior, streamline supply chain operations, streamline decisions, and reduce operational cost.

Altivate’s Consumer Products business focusing on helping both B2C and B2B organization through:

  1. Growth acceleration through business and digital transformation
  2. Cost reduction through supply chain improvement
  3. Profitability improvement through buyer behavior understanding
  4. Operational improvement through better value chain collaboration

Our expertise focuses on business agility, responsiveness, and visibility in order to better help our clients address changing buyer behavior, product demand, and regulatory requirements.

Altivate offers cutting-edge solutions such as demand-drive supply chain, supply chain collaboration, supply chain visibility, sourcing and procurement transformation, supply chain digitization, manufacturing intelligence and integration, and product lifecycle management.

Industry Domain Expertise

  1. Trade Promotion Management
  2. Agricultural Businesses
  3. Apparel & Footwear
  4. Personal & Household Goods
  5. Electronics

Areas Covered

  1. Business advisory and consulting
  2. Process improvement
  3. Trade Promotion Management
  4. ERP implementation
  5. CRM implementation
  6. Mobility
  7. Application management
  8. Digital transformation
  9. Omni-channel support
  10. Digital and mobile payments
  11. Product Lifecycle Management
  12. Supply Chain Management

Altivate has vast experience with Consumer Products Goods clients in Saudi Arabia like Pepsico, Almarai and more. We provide a tailored implementation of SAP S/4HANA to meet our client’s needs.


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