Altivate is a Qualtrics partner. Altivate’s partnership with Qualtrics provides clients with digital capabilities that deliver superlative customer experience and build prosperous, long-term customer relationships. 

Qualtrics solutions provide timely, actionable and accessible insights backed by advanced analytics.

Grow Your Business with Qualtrics XM Experience Management 

As technologies evolve, there is a growing need to improve the overall experience of organizations in every aspect to achieve better business results. It helps companies avoid common miscommunications and problems; moreover, it provides them with actionable insights. 

Experience Management Technology empowers the world’s most significant companies to provide better experiences to their clients. Above all, improving employees’ experience and offering better brand and product experiences. 

Because many of the world’s most pressing problems occur from a lack of understanding – and that’s a problem we can solve.

Qualtrics Products

Customer XM

Never miss customer communication; deal with every customer’s problem, provide an outstanding experience, and increase customer loyalty and spending. Leverage the power of predictive intelligence and analytics to understand customers’ experiences and take the right actions that drive meaningful impact.

Qualtrics Customer XM will enable you to capture real-time feedback from your customers wherever they are, with 128 data sources all feeding into a single dynamic platform. This will help you capture patterns and uncover trends with predictive intelligence features.

Employee Experience Management (EXM)

Employee XM helps companies attract and retain skilled talents by gathering ongoing employee feedback to take the right actions and encourage impactful engagements. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter where your employees are located on-site, in the office or remote workers. The platform offers listening tools to understand and design the unique employee experiences your diverse team requires.

Brand XM

Build brand loyalty, increase sales, and grow market share with actionable and predictive insights. Brand XM will enable you to capture real-time feedback from every touchpoint (advertising, social media in-store.) 

Plan your brand’s next move according to the industry trends according to the results of advanced analytics and intelligence from the platform. 

Design XM

Design XM helps organizations stay updated with all market trends, changes in customer behaviours and unfilled gaps. Therefore it helps organizations take the right actions to design the experiences people expect. It is an advanced market research solution that integrates experience feedback, cultivated research processes, and analytics in one platform. With real-time insights and automated actions embedded into every business workflow.