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A Secure Cloud Services Platform That Helps Your Businesses Scale and Grow Effectively and Efficiently

As a leading cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can build and run any application in the cloud. AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale, grow, stay secure, and save money.

Altivate helps our customers adopt the most advanced technologies and best practices. Altivate understands the complexities of migrating workloads in large-scale environments, and the skills needed for success. At Altivate, we bridge the gap in migrating and managing applications across traditional, private cloud, and AWS environments. We have established AWS tailored roadmaps and processes for “lift and shift,” refactoring and rebuilding applications. We specialize in sophisticated and challenging cloud systems integration projects utilizing the suite of AWS cloud services. We match our deep cloud expertise with your project requirements to deliver results that utilize the right cloud services for your project utilizing AWS infrastructure.

The Altivate AWS practice is a one-stop-shop cloud solution, which comes with a reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud infrastructure. From migrating your enterprise to the cloud, lifting and shifting of data or running mission-critical workloads and applications with lower CapEx.

Altivate and AWS make the cloud journey of your enterprise more frictionless and secure than ever before. AWS platform is the leading choice for the IT giants of today and unicorn startups of tomorrow. And here’s proof of it.



End to End Solutions on AWS:

  1. Security
    1. Global Compliance
    2. 24×7 SOC Operations
    3. AWS Guard Duty / Inspector
    4. AWS Encryption
  2. Industry
    1. Banking, Insurance, and Fintech
    2. Healthcare
    3. Oil & Gas
    4. Manufacturing
    5. Professional Services
    6. Retail & Consumer Goods
    7. Transportation & Travel
    8. Wholesale & Distribution
  3. Offerings
    1. SAP on AWS
    2. DR on AWS
    3. Enterprise Apps on AWS
    4. Containers using EKS and serverless products
    5. Migration Services
    6. Apps and Database Modernization
    7. Data Lakes and Analytics
    8. VMware Cloud on AWS
    9. AWS DevOps, DevSecOps, AIOps
    10. AWS Outpost for on-premise and hybrid cloud
    11. Hybrid Cloud Services

Lower OpEx. Higher Cost-savings. Just what you Need to Run your Enterprise.

Reduce operational expenses and increases productivity with seamless collaboration between the workforce, and vendors to accomplish tasks quicker than ever before. All this information is provided in real-time with a 360-degree view of the application landscape.

Get Ready to Take the Cloud Journey

Altivate’s consultants will assess your environment, after which a blue print would be developed that provides a holistic view of your environment and processes. We then optimize you architecture to better support business and regulatory requirements.

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