Customer Experience

Experience is the New Competitive Advantage

How customers and employees engage with websites and applications makes a big difference in the relationship they have with their work and organizations. Today, the measure of success is how engaging the software is, and how easily it enables employees and customers to accomplish their goals and objectives. There is a greater understanding of the importance of customer experience, but still there are plenty of ways to get it wrong.

Studies have proven that companies that bring a dedicated and thoughtful approach to designing their products around the customer’s needs outperform their competitors by double digits.

A Collaborative Approach Bring together Business and IT Objectives

Over the past few years there has been a growing recognition of the importance of the user and customer experience. Many organizations have been providing buzzwords and promises without applying any real rigor or expertise to the process. At Altivate, we have a dedicated Experience-Driven Design practice since and we have worked with world-class brands to drive tangible changes in the quality of their applications with experience-focused processes, tools, and deliverables. We bridge the divide between business vision and IT objectives.

Altivate Offers:

User Research

Job shadowing and interviews that provide insights into user context, behaviors and tasks.

Persona Definition and Usage Scenarios

Personas humanize our customers and their users by clarifying their needs and objectives; scenarios remind us of how and why they use our software.

Experience Prototypes

Rapid iteration using prototyping tools yields fast, effective adjustments.

Design System Development

Integrate design standards with templates and re-usable libraries through the development of a comprehensive design system.

Results You Can Count on

  • Increased Stakeholder Consensus
  • Broader User Adoption
  • Faster Time to Market
  • More Durable Applications
  • Engaging Customer Experience
  • Increase Efficiency

Partner with Experience Experts

At Altivate, our user experience experts ha the creative strengths of boutique providers and the consultative expertise of a technology provider. Because of this, we are able to smooth the way for better, more productive workflows between business and IT departments.


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