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How Can Enterprises Transform IT from a Commodity to a Differentiator?

Few businesses of any meaningful size navigate commercial life without using technology to some extent, large enterprises are highly reliant on technology. This reliance on IT is in itself not a competitive advantage – technology plays a mere commodity role. Yet it’s blindingly obvious that some companies are very successful at turning IT into an […]

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How Can Companies Drive Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity is a complex but crucial topic for organisations of all sizes. Work employees too hard and effective productivity will slump, while unmotivated employees will inevitably be inefficient too.

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What are the Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization?

Digitization brings greater efficiency, an improved customer experience and a fatter bottom line to many areas of business, and this is true of supply chain digitization as well. Yet companies are still holding back, arguably because supply chains operate behind the scenes of most enterprises and rarely gather much attention.

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When to Buy a Packaged Solution and When to Build your Own

The build vs. buy question has been haunting technology decision makers for decades. Is it better to build a completely custom business application in-house, or should companies buy off-the-shelf software from a vendor? The answer is not straight forward as both routes have pros and cons but understanding the advantages and disadvantages can help your […]

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Can Digital Transformation Help Government Organisations Evolve?

Government organisations such as public services and law enforcement are often seen as static and resistant to change. This resistance to evolving comes from the inertia brought on by the size of typical government institutions, alongside the lack of a profit motive which often forces change on a commercial organisation. How then can government organisations kickstart change? Digital transformation holds the key.

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What is CRM and What are its Benefits?

Most companies interact with a large volume of current and potential customers. Managing these customer relationships with manual systems is ineffective which is why companies tend to deploy the help of software solutions. But what exactly is customer relationship management (CRM) software, and what are the benefits for your business? Understanding the Scope of CRM […]

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Should we Insource or Outsource our IT Department?

Provisioning IT services to large enterprises requires a lot of skill and inevitably involves substantial costs. Many companies consider outsourcing IT in an effort to save costs, but outsourcing brings challenges of its own. Plus, the cost debate is not always all that clear cut when it comes to outsourcing IT provisioning. So, should your company insource or outsource IT? Here are a few points to consider.

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The Top 10 Success Factors for a Successful ERP Implementation

Any system is only as good as its implementation. But which factors lead to success in adopting a new technology or an upgraded version of an existing solution? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has a well-deserved reputation for transforming businesses, but outcomes vary. We think these are the ten top success factors that can ensure […]

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How AI Will Transform Companies

Much of everyday life has moved online, so it would seem a reasonable expectation that paying taxes and ordering government services will be equally convenient. Besides, e-government can bring economic growth too.

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