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What Should I Consider When Negotiating Business Application Licenses?

Here are ten points businesses must consider when negotiating a licensing agreement.

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How Can Analytics Help Drive Corporate Performance?

Most large businesses use data to make everyday decisions, but often only in a relatively narrow scope. With the emergence of big data forward-thinking companies have come to understand how the pervasive rather than piecemeal use of data can really drive corporate performance in so many areas. Rather than sticking to established ways of using […]

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Should We Upgrade from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA?

Making the decision to embark on major changes to a business-critical enterprise system such as your ERP solution should not be taken lightly. It’s no wonder companies are hesitant, therefore, to make the shift from SAP’s ECC to the new S/4HANA ERP suite. In this article, we look at the differences between ECC and S/4HANA, […]

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How Do You Reduce Application Support Costs Over Time?

The costs associated with application support is significant and businesses rightly want to reduce these costs over time. But how can a business reduce application support costs without damaging how effectively these applications operate in the long run?

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How Can Enterprises Transform IT from a Commodity to a Differentiator?

It’s blindingly obvious that some companies are very successful at turning IT into an advantage that differentiates them from their competitors. But how exactly can technology be turned into a competitive advantage?

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How Can Companies Drive Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity is a complex but crucial topic for organisations of all sizes. Work employees too hard and effective productivity will slump, while unmotivated employees will inevitably be inefficient too.

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What are the Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization?

Digitization brings greater efficiency, an improved customer experience and a fatter bottom line to many areas of business, and this is true of supply chain digitization as well. Yet companies are still holding back, arguably because supply chains operate behind the scenes of most enterprises and rarely gather much attention.

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When to Buy a Packaged Solution and When to Build your Own

The build vs. buy question has been haunting technology decision makers for decades. Is it better to build a completely custom business application in-house, or should companies buy off-the-shelf software from a vendor? The answer is not straight forward as both routes have pros and cons but understanding the advantages and disadvantages can help your […]

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Can Digital Transformation Help Government Organisations Evolve?

Government organisations such as public services and law enforcement are often seen as static and resistant to change. This resistance to evolving comes from the inertia brought on by the size of typical government institutions, alongside the lack of a profit motive which often forces change on a commercial organisation. How then can government organisations kickstart change? Digital transformation holds the key.

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