B2C E-Commerce for Retail

Businesses are always looking for better ways to connect with their customers. B2C e-commerce has become a necessity for retailers in order to provide better customer experiences and increase sales. The key is finding a comprehensive, easy-to-implement solution that can help deliver a real-time, contextual and relevant one-to-one, always-available customer experience across all channels.

Improve customer service and your bottom line

Altivate’s SAP B2C E-Commerce for Retail practice provides accelerated e-commerce deployment that results in shorter project duration, lower project implementation costs, and higher efficiency and service. Our solution gives you the tools to transform every aspect of your business across customer service, advanced personalization modules, predictive analytics and marketing campaign management, shopping cart management, assisted selling, and flash sales.

Customize your customer engagement engine

  • Enable customers to inquire, buy, receive or return using their choice channels
  • Collect and analyze your customer interactions across multiple channels (on-line and off-line)
  • Access a single view of customer and consumer trends
  • Segment customers based on data
  • Create dynamic target groups
  • Interpret customer behavior
  • Develop personalized, cross-channel campaigns
  • Gain insight about known customers and unknown people in real-time
  • Identify interests and create a 360° view of people in your ecosystem across all channels



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