Organizational Change Management

Agility, adaptability, and flexibility are critical in today’s business environment. In business, change is constant and needed. Only those who adapt success. People-related issues play a major role in an organization’s path to success. Many times, people and employee issues hinder the adoption of change.

Research suggests that more than seventy percent of change initiatives fall short of expectations due to lack of clarity, absence of leadership support, and employee resistance.

Mastering Change

At Altivate, we know how people respond, learn, perform, and adapt to change. We also know how different corporate and local cultures react. Altivate’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) services focus on people, process, and technology. Regardless, if you are undergoing a green field implementation, an upgrade, a merger, an acquisition, or reorganizing. We have the experts and experience to help you navigate and overcome risks and challenges. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that their transformation projects and initiatives succeed.

In many cases, change is not something that comes natural to people and organizations. OCM is part art, part science. At Altivate, we know that effective change programs require a leadership-driven methodology that builds on a strong team of people committed to improving and adapting. We know that success is also an all rounded effort that considers all impacted stakeholders. Our job is set expectations, plan, teach, galvanize, mitigate risk, and realize results.

Altivate’s Scope of OCM Services:


  • Organizational design
  • Change adoption strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement plan and roadmaps
  • Leadership alignment


  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Organizational Impact Analysis
  • Culture Mapping


  • Communication deployment
  • Leadership alignment
  • Change agent workshops
  • Partner with OCM experts

At Altivate, our change experts are the foundation of our Change, Learning and Performance practice and OCM Services. Our resources average more than 15 years of business transformation experience and have experience working with a set of diverse technologies. We have a team of dedicated Change, Learning, and Performance improvement team. We have also developed our proprietary methodologies that adapt to local and industry specific requirements. We strive to help our clients adapt and adopt a mentality of continuous improvement and change. We believe that only those who adapt success.


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