Designing User-Focused Experiences

Users Expect Businesses and Governments to Deliver Personalized Journeys

As technology and digital products become pervasive in our lives, customers, employees, and citizens now expert businesses and governments to deliver smart, standardized, predictable, and user-centric experiences. Organizations that provide user-centric experiences will be able to flourish, those that don’t will falter. The latter must transform their status quo.

For established organizations, enabling this transformation can be challenging; disparate service portfolios, outdated processes and frameworks, data privacy requirements, and internal barriers to process innovation can all hinder innovation. To top it all off, these increasing customer expectations are increasing being met by new players that deliver digital-native solutions, making it imperative for CXOs and customer experience team to act quickly.

Customer Experience Management is key to this transformation. The field features a diverse and growing range of services, methodologies, and tools, from CX strategy definition, to customer feedback platform implementation and journey design to ensure a smooth, customer-centric transition.

Service Design Ensures Customer Focus

Today’s fast-moving Service Design approaches incorporate multiple rounds of testing and customer feedback loops in order to assess user experience assumptions through dependable research and frameworks. By including all relevant stakeholders from a larger ecosystem, services can be co-designed so that they not only operate seamlessly and incorporate all relevant portfolios but also actively anticipate customer needs and expectations.

Customer Feedback Management Platforms Provide Client Insights

New methods of customer feedback extraction enable us to shorten information collection and reaction times. Instead of seeing a performance metric drop with no clear reasoning, disparate data can now be unified into a single platform that can provide a comprehensive view into the factors that led to such a drop.

Solutions such as SAP Qualtrics, along with others, allow for on the fly action and a continuous loop of customer feedback and satisfaction development. This often leads to a rise word to mouth recommendations, reduction in churn, and a growth in per customer/user/product revenue. Furthermore, the insights gained from well-managed CX programs provide an unlimited source of ideas for improvement, be it about things gone wrong or well as ideas for new services / improvements.

User experience design

A Powerful Approach to Service Design

Organizations often need a strategic advisor and enabler of transformation, one that understands the understands the strategies and processes available, knows how to foster innovation, and has industry experience. A unique, end-to-end approach is also crucial to help drive a comprehensive closed loop transformation.

Strategy and Co-innovation

First, you need to understand your current service portfolio’s condition. Here you can identify and roadmap a tailored set of solutions specific to your requirements and challenges. Using such a strategy, we can help you set a target customer experience strategy, identify gaps, develop a maturity model, and then put forth a roadmap and feedback loops to help you reach your goals. Such activities help our clients increase market standards and turn customer activities into true market differentiators.

Development and Optimization

Second, you need a partner that can effectively design, implement, and optimize your plan. Adjusting organizational models and work cultures are crucial here. This is where we bring in our experience in designing experiences that go beyond customer expectations.

Subject Matter Experts

Finally, we find that working with teams of subject matter experts ensures the most focused success. Working with experts that have industry and product knowledge makes it much easier to execute a roadmap and deploy the needed technologies. In turn this makes the likelihood of success much greater and more attainable. Also, this enables improvement to be constant and dynamic.

Altivate’s approach combines strategy, technology, and real-life case studies. Working with our Customer-centric Service Design team enables our clients to create fully optimized services that exceed expectations of both users and providers.


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