Embedded Analytics Vs SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise Version)

In SAP’s blog post, author Debjit Singha compares Embedded Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud. Read the full article to learn more.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS (software as service) solution from SAP that provide BI, planning, predictive, analytical application design and collaboration all under one umbrella. SAP Analytics Cloud is a standalone cloud based analytics application. SAP Analytics Cloud also know as SAC (Previously know as SAP BusinessObjects Cloud).

SAP Analytics Cloud

Embedded Analytics is a version of SAP Analytics that is included in S/4HANA (GA S/4HANA release 1911. Nov 2019) as a standard feature. SAP is offering of embedded analytics out of the box for most of the cloud-based applications (s/4HANA cloud, People Analytics in Success Factors Cloud etc.)

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics let you analyze and visualize the data directly in the source system. It eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming data preparation steps. Data processing happens directly in the source itself. It comes with prebuilt standard dashboards. Other offerings includes seamless transactions between analytical and transactional apps, integrated in S/4HANA roles and screen variant management. Not to mention in an idle word, this is how all organizations imagine their enterprise solution (transactional application complimented by embedded Analytics).

Functions like automating insight to data and augmented data analysis is what every user can dream about from modern Analytical solution. Using ML to predict pattern and forecast, without the need to involving data scientist is icing on the cake. Embedded analytics is what, makes S/4HANA (and similar applications) an “Intelligent Enterprise” and adds value to overall SAP Business suite portfolio.

What We are Planning to Do Here?

As you can see, we have two products, with seemingly similar functions and capabilities. Wondering how they are different? This is one of the question that arises when we enter into Discovery phase of ECC to S/4HANA conversion. Can we use Embedded Analytics solution (comes with new S/4HANA suite) to address all or most of organizational analytical needed. These to analytical solutions are very different, when it comes to addressing specific customer requirements and how they fit into enterprise solution architecture, completing other SAP suits (on-prem or cloud based).

Once you are done reading this blog post, you will be able to answer questions like below:

  • How Embedded Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud different?
  • When to use what?
  • What are the advantages of each?
  • How they complement underneath solution?
  • S/4HANA comes with Embedded Analytics; do we need another analytics application like SAC?
  • How features and functions of SAP Analytics Cloud makes it an obvious choice over (Embedded Analytics) and when they both complement each other.

Comparison Summary

SAP Analytics Cloud


In an idle scenario where S/4HANA takes care of all Business functions (planning, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and more), Embedded Analytics is sufficient and gets the job done. Although we live in a non-idle world and business are not far from it. Business bound to have multiple setups for different business processes; they can be SAP or non-SAP. Application like SAC helps create meaning out of scattered data and provide holistic 360° business view. Based on above comparison it is evident that SAC compliments S/4HANA (even with Embedded Analytics) and similar cloud based systems. Though to be honest, it is not fare to compare Embedded Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise Version, they are two different category of Analytic product. One is catered to provide self-service analytical capabilities out of the box, without any additional licenses and the other (SAC) is designed to offer full blown experience with all the bells and whistles required for complete analytics for enterprise.


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