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Disruption is the New Reality

We are here to help you drive savings in procurement.

Today worldwide volatility and supply chain disruptions are creating huge uncertainties for global companies, making reliability and cost containment more critical than ever. As enterprises large and small emerge out of the crisis, CFOs, CEOs and management boards will demand of their functional leaders to cut costs and drive savings. Procurement leaders will also be challenged to demonstrate the savings they have delivered. This is where SAP Ariba Start Sourcing can help.

SAP is enhancing its freemium offering of SAP Ariba Start Sourcing and making it available to organizations large and small, so they can source the goods and services they need, from the best suppliers at the lowest price.

What this Means to You

With access to a reliable global network of suppliers, best-in-class sourcing and negotiation technology, unparalleled strategy and category expertise, SAP Ariba Start Sourcing helps you create and publish your RFI, RFP, reverse and forward auctions ,exchange messages with your suppliers, access handy dashboards and reports, with web-based tech support and detailed tutorials.

This helps you to identify cost-cutting opportunities, discover new qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create a most competitive, best–value agreements for your new and evolving sourcing needs – all while keeping your company competitive and resilient.

During the special offer period, up to five users can collectively post up to 90 sourcing events over the first 90 days of your subscription (valid till Jul 31st, 2020). After that, the maximum number of users and posts reverts to the solution’s standard of two users each posting up to two sourcing events per month, with a minimum usage requirement of one event per month for your company, or you can upgrade to the licensed solution.

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