Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS

Fastest Way to Get Answers from All your Data to All your Users

AWS delivers an integrated suite of services that provide everything needed to quickly and easily build and manage a data lake for analytics. AWS-powered data lakes can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytics approaches to gain deeper insights, in ways that traditional data silos and data warehouses cannot. AWS gives customers a wid array of analytics and machine learning services, for easy access to all relevant data, without compromising on security or governance.

Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS

To build your data lakes and analytics solution, AWS provides the most comprehensive set of services to move, store, and analyze your data.

Data Lake on AWSData Movement
Import your data from on premises, and in real-time.

Data Lake
Store any type of data securely, from gigabytes to exabytes.

Analyze your data with the broadest selection of analytics services.

Machine Learning
Predict future outcomes, and prescribe actions for rapid response.

Why Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS?

Easier to Build Data Lakes

Build a secure data lake in days instead of months. AWS makes every aspect of analyzing data in the cloud easier. For example, AWS Lake Formation automates the manual steps required to build a data lake and provides a single security mechanism across all of your data, so you spend less time on the undifferentiated heavy lifting required to build a data lake and more time exploring your data to get answers to your most important questions.

Best Performance at the Lowest Cost

AWS is the fastest and most cost-effective place to store and analyze data. For example, Amazon S3 provides five storage classes and automatic data lifecycle management so you pay only what’s needed for your data based on how that data is used. Amazon Redshift is 3x faster than any other cloud data warehouse and gets faster every year. Amazon EMR provides the fastest place to run Apache Spark and Apache HIVE workloads in the cloud. EMR’s deep integration with the rest of AWS makes it easy to take advantage of cost-saving features, such as EC2 Spot instances, to reduce costs by up to 90%.

Most Comprehensive and Open

Having all your data locked in a single siloed analytics service doesn’t work anymore. Modern analytics requires a collection of different tools and approaches, including SQL, R, Scala, Jupyter, and Python, to get to the right insights and answers using a variety of languages. AWS provides a mature and comprehensive set of analytics services that run against the open data lake so you can use the right tool for the right job without needing to move or transform data for each different analytics approach. All of our services support accessing data stored in a single object store (S3) with open APIs, in open formats (eg: Apache Paquet, Apache ORC, Apache Avro), and using both proprietary (Redshift for data warehousing) and open engines (eg: Spark, Hive).

Most Secure

Keeping your data secure and complying with relevant regulations is essential. AWS provides a comprehensive set of tools that goes beyond standard security functionality like encryption and access control to pro-active monitoring and unified management of security policies. For example, Amazon Macie helps monitor your data lake to ensure you are not accidentally exposing credentials or personally identifiable information (PII). Amazon Inspector helps to enforce best practices and identify configuration issues that could be exploited, and AWS Lake Formation allows you to consistently control access to data in your data lake across all analytics services.

Altivate’s Service Offering:

  1. Data Lake:
    1. Object Storage on Amazon S3
    2. Backup and Archive on Amazon Glacier
    3. Data Catalogue using AWS Glue
  2. Analytics:
    1. Interactive Analytics using Amazon Athena
    2. Big Data Processing using Amazon EMR
    3. Data Warehousing using Amazon Redshift
    4. Dashboards and Visualizations using Amazon QuickSight
    5. Operational Analytics using Amazon Elasticsearch Service
    6. Real-Time Analytics using Amazon Kinesis

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Altivate’s experience in providing AWS Data Lakes and Analytics Services along with our rich industry and client experience enables us to help clients help harness the benefits of AWS.

We are always striving hard to let our customers achieve their organizational goals by leveraging the power of data and information. We also know that there are better approaches to increase ROI and reduce IT expenditure. Partner with Altivate today to facilitate your journey through AWS’s robust data solutions.


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