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User experience is a critical part of application adoption and utility. Altivate provides services for SAP user experience (SAP UX) utilizing the SAP Fiori interface and SAP Personas to provide users with an intuitive and simple experience. These user interfaces are based on modern and responsive design principles that help increase user productivity and and decision making.

Unleash the power of responsive design for exemplary SAP user productivity:

SAP Fiori helps users reimagine the SAP user experience making it consistent across devices. Utilizing role-based design, users get access only to the transactions and data that they need. The combination of transactional, analytical, and factsheet applications, gives users the ability to access all the required data in an efficient and productive fashion.

SAP Fiori completely reimagines the SAP user experience using responsive design to make it consistent across devices and deployment options.  With the role-based design, users get only the data and transactions they need before them. Combined with transactional, analytical and factsheet applications, SAP Fiori helps users reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.

SAP Screen Personas enables users to personalize SAP GUI screens without any additional back-end programming. It provides the customer with easy-to-use and deploy functionality that enables the creation of a simplified user experience. Utilizing SAP Screen Personas, you can simplify complex screens, reduce the need for additional applications and development, accelerate adoption, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Deploy fast time-to-value solutions

Altivate provides full implementation services for SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas. This includes the customization and extension of existing Fiori and SAP apps and the development of new custom tailored apps if needed. These applications are accessible across different devices: desktop and mobile. The applications adhere to the security policies and are deployable to the preferred enterprise app store. Altivate’s applications are deployable on both HANA and non-HANA platforms.


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