SAP Digital Boardroom

Reimagine Your Boardroom for Today’s Digital Economy

SAP Digital Boardroom

Use Real-time Insights to Strengthen Decision Making

To keep pace with the expectations of your customers, business partners, and employees in today’s digital economy, you must make business decisions much more quickly and accurately than in the past. Achieving the business transformation you need to compete and win requires ready access to information that is timely, reliable, and insightful.

Your business operates in a world that is increasingly digitalized and networked. The pace of data gene­ ration is accelerating, as everything from cars to con­sumer appliances is connected through the Internet. As use of mobile devices grows, cloud­-based solu­tions are becoming the foundation for business processes. Companies that embrace a digital strategy see gains in shareholder value.

SAP Digital Boardroom offers a real­time digital enterprise experience. It is powered by SAP HANA and experienced through SAP Analytics solutions.

SAP Digital Boardroom uses line­ of­ business data from SAP S/4HANA, the SAP HANA platform, the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application, and other SAP and third-party applications to provide a single source for key business metrics. With SAP Digital Boardroom, business leaders can monitor, simulate, and foster change using large, triple­ interlinked touch screens to achieve:

  • Total transparency
  • Real­time, data­-driven insights
  • Simplified boardroom processes

Total Transparency from a Single, Trusted Information Source

SAP Digital Boardroom pulls information across all lines of business and operations to provide a complete, real­time view of your critical business metrics in one place. It does this without moving, duplicating, or pre-aggregating data into separate data marts or data warehouses.

SAP Digital Boardroom is optimized to display on very large, ­interlinked touch screens so that business leaders can visualize all the critical metrics they need. These metrics are displayed in a broad business context across the screens to maximize their impact and provide decision­ ready insights. Individual business ­abstraction layers deliver one source of truth across all business areas to align executive decisions more quickly and easily and foster trust among business leaders.

Real-time, Data-driven Insights to Answer Ad hoc Questions

SAP Digital Boardroom Tablet

SAP Digital Boardroom comes with powerful analytical capabilities and an intuitive user interface that can make full use of the touch screens. Your top decision makers can explore predefined metrics more quickly and easily – down to the line­ item level, if needed – to understand business performance more fully and address questions as they arise.

Thanks to the SAP HANA platform, decision makers can confidently analyze root causes, identify busi­ness challenges and opportunities, and simulate the impact of decisions while they are meeting, rather than having to defer decisions to collect more information.

Simplified Boardroom Processes with Less Preparation

SAP Digital Boardroom 2

The large, triple­ inter-linked touch screens transform the boardroom experience by providing a unique, modern, and engaging interface that invites business leaders to interact with insights for better outcomes. You can also use SAP Digital Boardroom with a single screen and a projector.

By eliminating the multiple Microsoft Excel spread­ sheets, reports, and static Microsoft PowerPoint presentations you once needed for each meeting, SAP Digital Boardroom reduces meeting preparation time and effort. No longer must senior business analysts collect information and produce presen­tations in advance. Information is delivered live from your back­end transactional applications, as you need it.

You can readily produce models and visualizations for SAP Digital Boardroom using best practices for predefined visualization and reporting principles and best practices for information design. This can significantly accelerate the time to value of your investments in analytics software.

Analytics from the Top Floor to the Shop Floor

SAP Digital Boardroom 4

SAP Digital Boardroom is built on the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. SAP Analytics Cloud provides all analytics capabilities for all users in one product. It uses SAP Cloud Platform to simplify access to a reliable, high­ performing public cloud experience.

As an integrated, cloud-­based solution, SAP Analytics Cloud helps decision makers discover and visualize information and predict and plan for business results. By providing access to all your data, it can enrich data analysis, offer new insights to those in the position to make decisions, and help them anticipate and respond to new business challenges and opportu­nities without delay.

After SAP Digital Boardroom equips the executive management team in the boardroom, SAP Analytics Cloud delivers analytics to the rest of your organi­zation – from managers across lines of business to users of SAP S/4HANA. Users get access to pre­ defined analytics embedded in SAP S/4HANA that provide insights at key decision points within your business processes. All your analytics run on the SAP HANA platform to deliver real­time insights.

SAP Digital Boardroom - Analytics from the top floor to the shop floor


Better Information for Sounder, Timelier Decisions

SAP Digital Boardroom provides visibility across your entire management chain using a single source of truth. Decision makers all see the same information and have answers they can trust. They can see the complete business strategy, its individual components, and the results of that strategy. They know whether the strategy is on track and can respond quickly to any challenges that arise.

The solution helps you operationalize your strategy by providing the feedback you need to support that strategy and help it evolve. You can examine a range of potential scenarios and use the results to make more timely decisions that are better informed. This agility can make you more responsive to customer needs and better able to satisfy the expectations of stockholders and other stakeholders for innovation and earnings growth.

SAP Digital Boardroom can also become the face of your digital transformation and help you realize more value from your investments in SAP S/4HANA.


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