SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution. As the data orchestration layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, delivering innovation at scale.


Use Data Intelligence to Process Distributed Data

Provide your users with intelligent, relevant, and contextual insights with integration across the IT landscape.

SAP Data Intelligence

  • Discover and connect to any data, anywhere, and anyway you need
  • Integrate and orchestrate massive data volumes and streams at scale
  • Streamline, operationalize, and govern innovation driven by machine learning
  • Optimize governance and minimize compliance risk with comprehensive metadata management rules

Streamline Information Management

Find the most relevant data though enriched metadata tags, user-generated ratings and comments, and unified business glossaries.

SAP Data Intelligence - Metadata Explorer

  • Discover and catalog distributed metadata to enable a searchable data fabric
  • Profile, enhance, and derive value from your data
  • Perform self-service data preparation

Perform Hybrid Data Management at Scale

Build an enterprise data fabric that connects data silos and increases visibility into global data assets.

SAP Data Intelligence - Data Managament

  • Manage and process data centrally, wherever it resides
  • Automate and reuse on-premise and cloud processing engines
  • Handle complex data types across distributed environments


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