SAP HANA Cloud is a fully managed in-memory cloud database as a service (DBaaS). As the cloud-based data foundation for SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it integrates data from across the enterprise, enabling faster decisions based on live data.



Harness a cutting-edge cloud database, SAP HANA Cloud

Build data solutions with modern architectures and gain business-ready insights in real time. As the data foundation for SAP’s Business Technology Platform, the SAP HANA Cloud database offers the power of SAP HANA in the cloud.

  • Cloud or hybrid deployment
  • Elastic and low total cost of ownership
  • High processing performance through multimodel hybrid transactions
  • Real-time analytics processing

Why Use the SAP HANA Cloud Database?

Make faster decisions by acting on live data

Scale to your needs, process business data of all types, and perform advanced analytics on live transactions without tuning for fast, improved decision-making.

Integrate data from across your enterprise

Connect to distributed data with native integration, develop applications and tools across clouds and on premise, and store volatile data.

Gain trust in your business data

Tap business-ready information by creating one source of truth and enable security, privacy, and anonymization with enterprise reliability.

Key Capabilities

SAP HANA Cloud - Key Capabilities

One source of business data and truth

  • Connect with data across different data sources with greater ease
  • Standardize and streamline data management with a data platform that provides a single source of data
  • Reduce data duplication with virtualization and SAP HANA smart data access

Storage options based on your needs

  • Use flexible multi-tiering data storage based on demand
  • Leverage a queryable data lake for cold data storage
  • Optimize cost and performance ratio with the proper storage of data

On-demand data with high performance

  • Gain high-speed, anytime access to data independently
  • Enable independent computing and storage
  • Scale up or down quickly with no up-front costs, fully managed as a service


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