SAP Analytics Cloud

Experience the Future of Decision Making

From financial planning to sales and marketing, SAP Analytics Cloud helps businesses make end-to-end decisions with confidence and control.


  • Centralized Intelligence – Track organizational KPIs in real-time with up-to-the-minute updates to interactive dashboards.
  • Automatic Insights – Machine learning technology highlights key business drivers and insights so you can take fast, dependable action.
  • Integrated Planning – Streamline end-to-end workflows with a single software solution for business intelligence and planning.
  • Interactive Results – Dive deeper and run simulations right from the boardroom with a 360° view of your business.


SAP Analytics Cloud


Simplify the financial planning process for all business areas and levels with integrated planning functionality.

  • Plan for the future by forecasting based on real-time data pulled from trusted systems.
  • Automatically spot trends with user-friendly machine learning technology.
  • Increase data accuracy and user confidence with a single solution for all analytics.

Human Resources

Optimize human resources and staffing with a comprehensive view of your HR efforts.

  • Combine data from multiple sources to see the full picture of your workforce.
  • Visualize recruiting and labor costs, and analyze cost to performance outcomes.
  • Forecast and plan for future growth with the help of machine learning technology.


Set an organizational standard for business intelligence and streamline business operations.

  • Analyze purchasing, inventory, fulfillment, and service information all in one place.
  • Protect your business by identifying outliers early and formulating a plan.
  • Increase productivity by enabling data-driven decision making for all levels.


Use data as your competitive advantage to optimize your team and seize new opportunities.

  • Measure sales pipeline health and revenue progress with shareable dashboards.
  • Manage your sales headcount and exceed quotas with real-time forecasts on the latest numbers.
  • Identify sales trends and opportunities automatically with user-friendly smart technology.


Employ a data-driven marketing strategy for better results in all activities from individual campaigns to annual planning.

  • Connect your data to visualize and track all marketing activities in one place.
  • Manage budgets and make agile decisions based on real-time ROI and analysis.
  • Make informed decisions for targeted campaigns based on audience and customer analysis.


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