SAP Warehouse Management

As trade becomes more complex, supply chain costs increase, and consumer choices more demanding, organizations must have efficient and agile warehouse processes in order to address these market dynamics. Altivate provides integrated scalable warehouse solutions, based on SAP’s warehouse management products, that can help governments and businesses reduce supply chain costs and increase visibility, productivity, and throughput.

Reduce inventory costs and working capital

Altivate’s warehouse management expertise along with SAP’s warehouse management solutions, coupled with radio frequency mobile integration, provide you with visibility into warehouse stock, movements, and operations. This comprehensive solution provides a high level of inventory visibility and storage optimization. Using our offering,  our clients are able to better plan workloads, improve labor productivity, increase responsiveness, lower lead-times, and increase customer satisfaction.

SAP’s more advanced extended warehouse management solution provides high-volume warehouse operations and integrates complex supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes. The solution provides you with visibility and control throughout the warehouse. Additionally, you can optimize inventory tracking, storage space, cross-docking, distribution operations, multi-channel fulfilment, and more, all in real-time.

Get more from your SAP warehouse management investment

Altivate provides you with a comprehensive warehouse management solution that scales as you grow. We can handle your simple or complex your requirements. We provide you with fully integrated visibility, optimization, quality, production, and tack-and-track processes, along with the ability to control warehouse automation equipment.

Our clients typically:

  1. Reduce warehouse costs – by maximizing the use of resources such as equipment space, time, and labor.
  2. Improve service – reduce order cycle times and offer value added services to customers.
  3. Increase productivity and accuracy – standardize processes and procedures, while reducing error rates and increasing inventory accuracy.
  4. Enhance flexibility and scalability – Make processes more flexible and use automation to handle high-volume transactions.
  5. Boost transparency – Gain visibility into stock, processes, labor utilization, and warehouse automation and movement.
  6. Ensure compliance – Ensure local and international regulatory compliance for trade processes and regulatory requirements.


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