SAP Ariba

Collaborate with Suppliers and Trading Partners Quickly, Safely, Efficiently, and Digitally

SAP Ariba is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that enables business and organizations to build a robust supply chain network. Ariba Network connects enterprises to the millions of suppliers across direct and indirect spend categories. Open to all systems and all types of goods and services, SAP Ariba is a cutting-edge gateway to the world’s most extensive network of buyers and suppliers. With this SAP Ariba, enterprises can explore, align, and collaborate with the right trading partners. Ariba’s completely automated systems enable buyers and suppliers to manage contracts, payments, and relevant records in a “single source of truth” all in a seamless, easy to use fashion. Ariba provides organizations with an accessible and easy to use solutions that is robust and reliable.


1. Supplier Management:

SAP Ariba Supplier Management makes this possible. Integrated with the rest of your procurement processes, it’s the only end-to-end solution portfolio that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

With SAP Ariba, you can drive spend to preferred suppliers and reduce risk every step of the way, from supplier onboarding and qualification to segmentation and performance management. You can:

  • Get a unified supplier record with a high degree of confidence in the data
  • Integrate consistent supplier qualification and segmentation with other procurement processes
  • Scale supplier risk management and compliance to your entire supply base

2. Strategic Sourcing:

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite supports a closed-loop, digital, source-to-contract process for direct and indirect materials sourcing.

The solutions integrate seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP), PLM, and material master (MM) solutions from SAP. This integration enables you to get products to market faster by integrating sourcing and product design teams. You can also model product costing for complex, multilevel bills of materials, which helps you understand the final product costs and negotiate better savings – all while managing suppliers at the item or plant level to enhance supplier qualification and performance.

Direct Spend

3. Direct Spend:

SAP Ariba Solutions for Direct Spend integrate seamlessly with your PLM, ERP, and SAP Integrated Business Planning systems to unlock a world of benefits, including:

  • Faster time to market and time to volume: Integrate R&D and product design with sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management to accelerate innovation.
  • Quick and accurate sourcing: Source all materials and services for multi-level BOMs on a single platform, and move smoothly toward volume production.
  • Effective supplier collaboration: Identify any potential supply shortages before they occur.
  • Better product cost management: Minimize contract leakage and realize negotiated savings when all purchase orders reflect supplier agreements.
  • Stronger compliance: Tie supplier qualification and sourcing together to ensure selection of qualified suppliers and mitigate supply chain disruptions.
  • Complete supply chain visibility: Collaborate with multiple tiers of suppliers to manage your non-linear and external supply chains, reduce inventory levels, increase fill rates, and increase team productivity.

4. Procurement:

SAP Ariba e-procurement software solutions deliver negotiated savings that improve your bottom line. You can gain more control over costs and risks in your buying processes and:

  • Reduce buying cycles by 50 percent
  • Cut supply costs by 10 percent
  • Lower processing costs by 25 percent to 60 percent

With SAP Ariba, you get the broadest set of capabilities on the market. Like market-leading innovations in guided buying and spot buy. Plus the most pre-enabled suppliers, easy supplier and catalog enablement, and integration with Ariba Network – more than 4.2 million connected companies strong, and growing.

Financial Supply Chain Management

5. Financial Supply Chain Management:

SAP Ariba give you the capabilities, intelligence, and global reach to transform your payables from liabilities into strategic assets. You can finally eliminate manual processes that make it costly and time-consuming to manage exceptions and enforce compliance. SAP Ariba solutions can also help your business to:

  • Automate invoice capture, workflow and approval
  • Eliminate invoice exceptions
  • Ensure invoices are linked to purchase orders, contracts, and service sheets
  • Keep up with jurisdictional invoice tax regulations
  • Increase free cash flow and improve working capital metrics
  • Reduce costs and liquidity risk in your supply chain
  • Capture more early payment discounts

SAP Ariba makes it possible to have solutions seamlessly integrated with the most comprehensive procurement platform and the world’s largest business network to deliver full visibility from source to settle, for more effective financial supply chain management. Unlock the trapped value from your payables and streamline transactions and invoice management — making life better for everyone with a stake in your financial supply chain.

6. Integration Solutions:

Unlock the full value of your SAP Ariba solutions by integrating them with your existing back-end solutions and ERP. SAP Ariba makes this simple by offering broad integration with all back-end systems and even deeper integration with SAP solutions, yielding powerful results.

Now you can achieve truly touchless transacting to drive significant savings and efficiency gains for your business. On a single, connected platform for managing all spend, you can easily analyze all global purchases to optimize procurement results. Count on your integration framework and solutions to be based on:

  • Choice – Integration options that fit into your existing landscape
  • Open Standards – Common technologies your IT team can use for connectivity and data exchange
  • Simplicity – Cloud apps that require no new hardware
  • Extensible Business Processes – A rich portfolio of standard integrated business processes

SAP Ariba Services

7. Services for Buyers:

Altivate’s SAP Ariba services, offered in conjunction with Ariba procurement and supply chain solutions, are supported by a global team of trained consultants. Their mission is to make sure you get the most value from your solution subscription. Services are available at each stage of your digital transformation journey, from deployment to efficient and effective implementation to ongoing adoption and success.

Your SAP Ariba project commences with leading practice, developed over time with centralized learning and experience. We work with you to define and align on your strategic, financial, and operational goals. This guides the entire project and informs the strategy we take to enable your users and deploy your solutions.

Services fall into three categories:

  1. Deployment Services – Basic services that serve as the foundation to help you get up and running with your SAP Ariba solutions.
  2. Solution Consulting – Services designed to move your solution from basic configuration to one tailored to your needs and business goals.
  3. Management and Adoption – From application management services to preferred care, you’ll receive the right level of services to that fits your unique business needs.


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