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Midsize companies stand as the powerhouses of future growth, nurturing the groundbreaking innovations and fresh ideas destined to transform our world. Yet, they grapple with a range of business challenges akin to those faced by larger entities. To thrive in a dynamic, competitive, and often uncertain marketplace, leaders of midmarket firms require adaptable and nimble solutions that empower them to steer their businesses towards new heights of success. 

GROW with SAP: Adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation 

GROW with SAP is tailored to empower midsize companies with the full spectrum of benefits that cloud ERP solutions provide, ensuring a swift and seamless transition to more effective and efficient growth. Leveraging over 50 years of industry insights, SAP offers pre-configured, best-in-class practices with integrated AI and automation for immediate and significant improvements in operational efficiencies. 

This platform not only allows businesses to harness their unique strengths through customizable cloud-native applications and processes but also facilitates the creation of bespoke solutions without the need for coding, thanks to the collaborative efforts with SAP partners. 

Understanding the dynamic nature of businesses, SAP’s cloud ERP is designed to scale with companies as they expand their product lines, services, and customer bases, supporting even the most complex and ambitious projects. GROW with SAP ensures a rapid deployment within four to six weeks, providing midsize companies with quick value realization, access to a vast network of experts, and a wealth of free learning materials to drive tangible business outcomes. 


Why Choose Grow with SAP? 

Within the GROW with SAP suite, the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) offers a cohesive array of technologies designed to enable IT experts, business analysts, and app developers to champion automation, drive innovation, and cultivate distinctiveness.  

Low-code development and automation 

Rapid Development: Enable the creation of applications, automation of processes, and building of business sites code-free. 

Flexible Enhancement: Empower both business users and developers to augment solutions with modern, robust features accessible without extensive IT education. 

Protected Teamwork: Encourage secure collaboration among business and development teams through integrated governance and management across the project lifecycle. 

Tailored Analytics: Leverage specialized analytics suited to your business requirements, allowing for custom report generation from SAP and external data sources.  

Intelligent and collaborative experience 

AI-Powered Assistant: Engage with SAP applications through intuitive natural language commands, offering a consistent and streamlined user experience. 

Customized Interactions: Experience responses customized to your specific role and business operations, along with personalized and anticipatory notifications. 

Secure AI Integration: Harness AI’s capabilities in areas like sales and finance, ensuring data integrity and governance with a focus on privacy and responsible use.  

Built-in integration 

Seamless Innovation and Integration: Benefit from SAP-managed and regularly updated predefined integrations, including electronic invoicing and exchange rate services. 

Enhanced Speed to Value: Leverage the SAP Business Accelerator Hub to instantly access a vast array of APIs, established prebuilt integrations, and connectors. 

Streamlined Third-Party Integrations: Effortlessly connect to leading third-party cloud solutions via the SAP Integration Suite, ensuring unified access. 

Grow with SAP Benefits


GROW with SAP enhances your finance department by providing a comprehensive overview of your financial status. Leveraging AI, it enhances forecast precision, accelerates reporting, streamlines decision-making, and bolsters risk and compliance measures. 

  • Leverage immediate, actionable insights for informed decision-making 
  • Boost efficiency through automated, data-centric finance workflows 
  • Elevate financial performance by reducing outstanding sales days, minimizing bad debt, and cutting costs 
  • Ensure growth with confidence via integrated risk management and adherence to regulatory and sustainability norms 
  • Maintain clear visibility into cash flow and forecasts, execute cost-effective transactions, and safeguard against financial uncertainties. 


GROW with SAP equips businesses with the essential tools for process automation and data-driven decision-making, utilizing AI, simulations, and instant insights. 

  • Business planners can leverage manufacturing ERP software for optimal production scheduling. 
  • Establish adaptable configurations for product development and manufacturing, tailored to the necessary complexity. 
  • Engage in comprehensive production planning, from overarching forecasts to detailed scheduling. 
  • Implement the most effective production strategies in real-time operations. 
  • Seamlessly integrate quality management within production workflows to guarantee the delivery of superior products.


Implement leading procurement methodologies, amplify purchasing effectiveness, and secure enduring cost reductions. 

  • Elevate organizational decision-making, governance, and operational efficiency through the integration of automation and immediate data insights. 
  • Pinpoint areas for expense reduction, aggregate expenditures, and enhance the benefits gained from supplier relationships. 
  • Optimize expenditure management via a comprehensive enhancement of the user experience, promoting increased engagement, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. 
  • Empower procurement groups to customize sophisticated procedures to suit specific requirements. 


With the GROW with SAP solution, propel your enterprise forward, enhance customer satisfaction to elevate revenues, and amplify profits by diversifying revenue sources and expanding your client base. 

  • Facilitate diverse revenue channels encompassing product sales, service offerings, and subscription models. 
  • Streamline the entire customer order process, from quotation and order confirmation to delivery and billing. 
  • Boost sales team efficacy through embedded system smarts and enhanced collaboration across departments. 
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and attract new clientele. 


The GROW with SAP program offers a mix of pricing and business structures tailored to enhance ERP functionalities, facilitating more efficient service provision. 

Leverage customer interactions to derive insights and initiatives that build trust and propel business growth. Secure post-sales support through service level agreements (SLAs) outlining warranties and pricing. Elevate customer loyalty and satisfaction through exemplary service delivery. 

Supply Chain 

GROW with SAP elevates customer experience by refining supply chain efficiency, offering immediate insights into inventory and materials management, and enabling more cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation options. 

  • Enhance goods reception processes with comprehensive tracking from their origin. 
  • Optimize inventory management from arrival to distribution, minimizing labor, storage, and fulfillment expenses. 
  • Oversee the entire goods transportation process, from manufacturing to retail. 
  • Make informed decisions with complete oversight of global supply chain activities, potential risks, and overall performance. 

Asset management 

GROW with SAP delivers streamlined maintenance protocols rooted in sector-wide best practices, leading to enhanced and optimized asset deployment. 

  • Bolster business resilience by employing assets to boost equipment efficacy and diminish unexpected downtimes. 
  • Elevate maintenance crew efficiency through precise and swift planning, optimizing active work time, and fostering teamwork. 
  • Provide maintenance planners, overseers, and engineers with immediate access to crucial asset condition data, enhancing visibility into essential indicators. 
  • Establish prime maintenance approaches that expedite the transition from analytical insights to tangible actions. 

Business Technology Platform 

As an integral component of the GROW with SAP package, the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) consolidates a suite of technologies enabling IT experts, business analysts, and developers to drive automation, foster innovation, and achieve uniqueness. 

  • Develop and automate applications swiftly using low-code options that streamline the creation process. 
  • Streamline organizational operations with established, ready-to-use integrations and acknowledged best practices to unify business procedures. 
  • Equip business operatives with the capability to meet evolving business demands through accessible and straightforward tools. 













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