SAP HANA Capabilities

SAP HANA offers a robust set of capabilities, including database management, database administration, data security, multi-model processing, application development, and data virtualization.

Database Services

Simplify your IT landscape and reduce data management burdens with a unique and enterprise-proven database platform.

SAP HANA - Database Services

Database Management

Leverage innovative capabilities to manage any data anywhere and for any application with a single unified database solution on premise and in the cloud.,

Database Administration

Simplify IT operations to monitor and optimize processes, help ensure data and application security, and achieve continuous availability.

Data Security

Secure communications, data, and services with comprehensive identity, access management, and data anonymization to preserve privacy and trust.


Multi-Model Processing with Advanced Analytics

Innovate without boundaries by combining the ability to store and process multiple data types in a single, scalable solution. You can develop intelligent, real-time solutions with greater ease.

SAP HANA - Multi-Model Processing with Advanced Analytics

Multi-model processing

Store and quickly perform complex processing of multiple data types, such as spatial, graph, and documents.

Advanced analytics

Augment transactions with advanced analytics, including machine learning and predictive modeling.

Hybrid transactional and analytical processing

Innovate with modern applications that combine transactional and analytical workloads on a single data set.


Application Development

Build intelligent, real-time applications seamlessly with built-in development and runtime capabilities, leveraging open standards and tools to help you create at your best.

SAP HANA - Application Development

Simplified application architecture

Create modern applications faster with a dramatically simplified application architecture.

Application development languages

Leverage existing skills and the programming language that best fits your needs.

Application development tools

Use a variety of application development tools optimized for SAP HANA that suit your needs, such as Eclipse, Web IDE, and ABAP-based development tools.


Data Virtualization

Provide a real-time gateway to all your data across applications, data storage, and the cloud.

SAP HANA - Data Virtualization

Data quality

Improve the quality of your data – from standardization to enrichment – with built-in data quality capabilities and services.

Data federation

Provide transparent, real-time data from other systems on demand.

Data integration and replication

Acquire business intelligence from any data source, for an integration option of your choice.


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